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Black Swan Data

October 01, 2014

Black Swan Data is a London-based technology and data science company. There-re two main division one specialised to produce a social prediction platform called Trendscope and anotherone specialised in avionics combining connectivity, data, predictive analytics and digital intelligence, our aviation subsidiary Fethr creates superior passenger experiences that make airlines more profitable. In almost 4 year in Blackswan I joined different project on avionics division:

Panasonic SiteBuilder - Today's airlines are increasingly looking for simple, elegant solutions that allow them to deploy their brand on passenger devices during the flight. Panasonic's SiteBuilder is a fast and easy-to-use solution that lets airlines create and manage portals for both seatbacks and passenger devices.


  • AngularJS
  • Backbone
  • Coffescript
  • RequireJS
  • Grunt

Panasonic PortalWork - New version of previous software completely rebuild with the new technologies and the experience of the past years. Technologies:

  • Angular2
  • SCSS
  • Webpack
  • Typescript
  • Gulp

IAG (International Airline Group): Designed, architected developed tested and delivered a complete inflight customer experience in 12 weeks. The architecture enable customers to perform mobile phone card payments and support:

  1. pair customer's device to seatback;
  2. create and personalise accounts
  3. works with any device
  4. works with any aircraft The application won the APEX Awards 2017 as Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation. At the moment the current solution is flying with Level, British Airways and Iberia.


  • Angular (v5)
  • scss
  • ngrx
  • webpack
  • angular-cli
  • websocket
  • nodeJS