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Angular - Lazy load modules with cli

May 21, 2018

In my previous company we created a project that was built with widgets. A page was just a container with placeholder and in each placeholder there was a configurable widget that could be added or removed based on a json config file. The main challenge was to load these widgets lazily and it was quite hard because cli was not able to do that by default so we end-up hacking the code a little bit creating the same approach of the routing.(

Finally with the new version of cli we can achieve it without too much effort and quite easily.

As usual the first thing is to setup a new project with angular-cli (make sure that you have 6.0.1 installed):

ng new lazyApp

When your project is up and running we need to create a new module and then a new component:

ng g module lazy ng g component lazy

We need to apply some changes on the module and implement the loading in the component. We start lazy.module.ts and we need to apply these small changes:

[gist id="3a015f6485994b45e5cdef63be163408"]

We defined which one is our entryComponents and a static variable called `entry`.

Now that our module is ready we need to load it dynamically and lazy loading the resource on demand.

Open app.component.ts and copy that:

[gist id="3e35f14784b65aafe7853d6e8df4f2f9"]

Nothing new I can say. We created a viewChild called testOutlet and we load the module and the component.

We need to make the last change on the code to define the `testOutlet` in our template. Open the app.component.html remove all the content and paste the follow code:

[gist id="b4ee0bb2cfe6c9f08508fe32b3f9f4a6"]

We almost done it's just missing the magic part: the cli configuration!

Open angular.json and in the build section paste the following:

[gist id="56214a92e5c57ec9fe56a46b0d5a129e"]

Now we can see the result running as usual:

ng serve

And we'll see our lazy loaded module:

[caption id="attachment_7250" align="aligncenter" width="776"] lazy module lazy-module[/caption]

In case of problem I just created a repro in my github! Feel free to download it!

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