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Apollo server 2.0 - real time data with subscriptions

June 16, 2018

In the previous post we set up our server using google-sign-in as identity server and we restricted access to the authenticated users. Today we'll add real-time update thanks to GraphQL subscriptions. The scenario we'll implement is quite easy: we want to see in real-time when a new post is added to our list.

The first thing to do is to define the schema of our database creating the file posts.ts with author and comment: [gist id="599f866262ac9cc7aa8babf39a1656bc"]

After that we need to create the GraphQL schema post.schema.ts: [gist id="5549040ef27e5ab7025cfdb9204739a4"]

We defined: - a query to retrieve all the posts (line 11); - a mutation to store a new post (line 14).

The resolver that implements all the functionalities post.resolver.ts: [gist id="13a620013c546f38d0f8740b3ac9a173"]

The controller "post.controller.ts" that will interact with our mongoDb: [gist id="77030b30c751bea38e47a1c7cbb0dacc"]

Our setup is completed and it's time to add real-time data. Apollo Server 2.0 supports GraphQL subscriptions without additional configuration or packages.

In the post.schema.ts: [gist id="d80dbdd04840ad9f6a2f5ded7025bb84"] We added line 20-22 where we expect to receive all the new posts that are added and the related controller post.controller.ts that will interact with our mongoDB: [gist id="efdb6c090ae8bf9073352f8424b5af86"]

We added: - line 19 to publish the new change; - line 7-11 to add the subscription.

One small thing that makes me struggle quite a lot is the server.ts. In case you have defined a context remember to add: [gist id="ff53e986163a71b284efecf40db6800c"]

As you can see Apollo Server 2.0 allows realtime data without invasive changes to existing code. For a full working example please have a look to this repo.

@Update I'm proud to say that I wrote as well the documentation for subscriptions in the official doc of apollo and the repo I've create is linked there too!

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