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  • Angular animations

    Well-designed animations can make a UI not only more fun but also easier to use.

    Angular’s animation system lets you build animations that run with the same kind of native performance found in pure CSS animations. You can also tightly integrate your animation logic with the rest of your application code, for ease of control.

    Let’s do […]

  • Angular Flex Layout

    I’m a big fan of Angular Material2 and I have been using it from the alpha version. Unfortunately Material2 didn’t have any flex layout system so you needed to use an external one.
    When Material2 beta1 was released they updated the file with amazing news:

    see angular/flex-layout

    this library is still in beta1 but according to my experience it looks stable and ready […]

  • NgRx Store – Redux in AngularJs with super powers

    I’ve heard people talk about ngrx/store and Redux for the past 2 months but honestly I was always busy and I didn’t have time to experiment it.

    Finally yesterday I decided to take a look at it and well… I can say that I’m really impressed and I don’t think that I’ll write applications without it.

    For […]

  • How to create an Angular library

    In the first post we built our application in AOT mode, now it’s time to create a library that is AOT compliant.

    Most of you are thinking …”wait, is it not the same????” No it’s not, unfortunately it is not an easy job to find good resources and doesn’t help a lot for that.

    Don’t worry we’ll figure […]

  • Angular2 AOT with Webpack and Lazy Loading

    @update: Updated the repo with webpack 2.2 angular 2.4.3 and ngtools 1.2.3
    Most of you have already heard about ‘AOT and lazy loading’ and you’re struggling, without success, to setup it.
    I’ll show you how to configure it and, if you’re really curious or you’re learning angular2, some technical details about AOT (at least you read the […]