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  • Angular-cli with the super powers

    Angular-cli has simplified the life of a lot of developers reducing the startup time of a project and giving the ability to focus only on the code without wasting time in configurations.

    However, a lot of angular developers (me included) were not able to […]

  • Dockerize your Angular application

    @Update: this post has been added to angular-seed wiki
    Docker is a platform for developing, shipping and running applications using container virtualization technology.
    In the past to deploy your application you needed to buy a physical server and that one has a […]

  • Angular animations

    Well-designed animations can make a UI not only more fun but also easier to use.

    Angular’s animation system lets you build animations that run with the same kind of native performance found in pure CSS animations. You can also tightly integrate […]

  • Angular Flex Layout

    I’m a big fan of Angular Material2 and I have been using it from the alpha version. Unfortunately Material2 didn’t have any flex layout system so you needed to use an external one.
    When Material2 beta1 was released they updated the file with amazing news:

    see […]